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Client Web Sites – WordPress Implementation

Jean Sweet can build your wordpress website to reflect personal goals and brand identity for your business. The first step is to contact Jean for an initial interview about the scope of your web project. Jean will ask questions about your needs, what type of web sites you like and educate you on what to think about when choosing a web site template. Based on the scope of the project Jean will then give you a quote for designing and implementing your web site.  The following are typical steps in building a web site for a client:

  • Client Interview
  • Quote provided to the client, with optional services
  • Content gathering: images and text
  • Optional: photography to support the text: lifestyle and/or team portraits
  • Installation of WordPress on client host account
  • Selection of a WordPress theme to fit client needs
  • Installation of theme and demo content
  • Setting up pages for the site with content and images
  • Writing an instruction manual for the client – how to add posts and pages to their theme
  • Web site maintenance is an optional service

More Info

Client Projects: Examples

Slideshow: Screenshots of Client Web Site Implementation by Jean Sweet

www.constancemccardle.com – Fashion Designer – SKYLAB Wordpress Theme

www.hollywoodhairsalonandspa.com – Beauty Salon – AVADA Classic WordPress Theme
(initial implementation and staff training for client to maintain the site)

www.marilynhellman.com – Fashion Boutique – AVADA WordPress Theme
(implementation and monthly maintenance of the site)

www.navii.com – Beauty Salon Website – AVADA Lifestyle WordPress Theme (initial implementation and regular maintenance)

www.paulchamberssalon.com – Beauty Salon Website – AVADA Classic Wordpress Theme (initial implementation)

www.creativebeautyconcepts.com – Beauty Appliances Online Shopping – AVADA Classic Shop WordPress Theme (initial implementation and training)

Jean Sweet’s photography web site:
www.jeansweet.com – Photography Portfolio – AVADA Photography Wordpress Theme

www.patriciarhodesconsulting.com – Home Interiors Stylist – AVADA Architecture WordPress Theme (initial implementation and maintenance)

www.curv.com (this web site) – ENFOLD WordPress Theme

Benefits of WordPress - Based Websites
  1. WordPress Websites are responsive – when the correct theme is implemented. This means the website will adapt to cell phones, i-pads, laptops and large monitor PCs.
  2. WordPress Websites have “dashboards” for both client and web designer can access for a collaborative effort for web implementation and maintenance.
  3. Worpdress.org is the organization that creates and maintains updates for the “wordpress” website format. It is a free service used by companies of all sizes.
  4. There are many third party designers who build and author “themes” for wordpress sites that are a “one time fee” of less than $100.
  5. There are many third party “plugins” to add to a wordpress site design, for various functions which are free, or very affordable.
  6. Jean Sweet, dba curvCollaborative LLC, is a “one-stop” design and implementation service, offering web site planning, implementation, photography, graphics, editing copy for web content, and client staff training for web maintenance with the wordpress dashboard.
Helpful Links For Information About WordPress

www.wordpress.org – The official site for WordPress. Information, videos, support, showcase and more.

www.themeforest.net – This is the place to purchase the best wordpress templates, owned by Envato Studio.

Other Projects by Jean Sweet, dba curvCollaborative LLC